Laat je creativiteit de vrije loop...


Hi scrappers! Christelle here, hosting my very first challenge here at TDP.

I'm so excited with all of the NSD activities that we have going on this week, and what better way to start off the challenges than by grabbing this fantastic template by Meagan's Creations?! You can alter the template as you need - rotate, flip, add or remove elements, let your imagination run wild! Just remember that we still need to recognize the original template.

Without further ado, here is the template:
(image is linked, or you can download HERE)
Hi digi-friends!

I'm hosting a game I've never played before - shows I need to play more games I think! But it's super fun and really easy!

As I'm hosting I'll start by asking for you to "show me" something. The next person finds a product in the shop or a layout in the gallery that contains the item I've asked you to find. They also link up the image in the thread's next post.

Then that person asks for a new object - and so on and so on.

So the first object I'd like someone to find is a red and white hot air balloon

First person back with a linked up image will have their turn next!

If anyone has any questions, please let me know!

Anyone who plays along will be entered to win a prize in the form of a $5 coupon code to my shop: Jen C Designs' Shop

Good luck and have fun!


Mark your calendars, everyone!! Hang out and chat ... and scrap ... or chat and scrap later - do whatever works for you! A slow scrap is coming this weekend with our NSD celebrations!!

Basically, you have 24 hours to complete your layout. Easy-peasy, right? I'll have all the specifics later in the week ... meanwhile, block out some time for a little NSD fun I mean, "chat-n-scrap-with-Kat" has a nice ring to it, don't you agree?


Never done a "slow scrap" before? Here's how it works, in just a few easy steps:
At 2:00 pm (ET) tomorrow, I'll be live on our chat room (the link is in the black bar at the top of the page) to talk about ... well, anything you want! NSD, store finds, pages you've created, favorite foods, the weather ... yup, literally, anything!
At the same time, I'll pop over to the NSD forum and post FULL instructions for creating a layout - materials and step-by-step how-to's. Not sure about something? Jump on over to the chat and ask
Unlike a "speed" scrap that typically has to be completed in 1-2 hours, a "slow" scrap affords you a full 24 hours, which is perfect for NSD, when you're being pulled in a million different directions, right?

That's it. Oh, yeah, and then there's sharing the layout ... prizes ... blah blah blah ... but I'm not saying anything about that last part until tomorrow.
Happy NSD, friends! Heidi Nicole here with the 2nd game of our NSD celebration... [drum roll, please...] MAKE A SIGGIE! What a great time to freshen up your digital signature here at The Digital Press...

The details... you'll need to use TDP products (freebies are totally acceptable) to create a siggie, and load it into your forum account to use as your forum signature. Easy, right?

Need some direction? Check out our SIGGIE INFO THREAD, and don't hesitate to ask questions! **We do ask that you please limit your image-based signature to 150 pixels tall. It can be any width you choose (up to a max of 900 pixels).**

To help with creating your signature, here's a template that you can use...

Here's mine!

[Credits: Going Places by Anita Designs, and the alpha is from Monthly Chronicles | Gallavant]

Now for the really good part... anyone who participates in this game throughout our week-long NSD celebration (May 1-6, 2018) will be entered to win a $5 coupon code to use in Dunia Design's shop here at The Digital Press! #winning

What are you waiting for!? Let's see those beautiful, amazing, and unique siggies!
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