Laat je creativiteit de vrije loop...

Heb je een designer of webshop gevonden die een sale houdt? Of zin om even lekker te shoppen? Dan is dit het goede board.
By Sarah
We have fantastic news for you today... PENNYSAVER IS BACK!

Our bi-annual $1 event officially kicks off on Friday 2/3 with a round of brand-new $1 items that will be hitting our virtual store shelves here at The Digital Press... but we thought we'd throw a little "pre-launch party" today and give you a taste of what's on the way!

We've got almost 25 items in the sale category already (the brand-new February 2017 shop collab, Berry Crush, in 4 parts... as well as 20+ items "From The Archives")... and we'll be releasing new $1 products every Tuesday and Friday throughout the rest of February 2017.

So without further ado... here's a look at the nearly-25 items you can already score at $1 prices...
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