Laat je creativiteit de vrije loop...

Hello everyone and happy interNational Scrapbook Day! I have done a scavenger hunt for MANY years and thought it would be fun to mix it up a little bit this year. So this year we are going to still be hunting for items in the store, but this time it'll be based on a fun BINGO card that I made.

All you have to do is pick a line on the bingo card and then go into the store and find a product that contains the item in each of the five squares in your line. So for instance, if you did the top line, you'd have to find one product that shows a sewing machine in the preview, then you'd find another product that has an ice cream cone in the preview.... then one that has a glitter style, a fourth that has a pizza element and then finally a product that has a wood grain paper in it. When you are done you will have a list of FIVE products in the store. The items in your five boxes must be shown in the preview in the store and then you will just start a Conversation with me here in the forum and send me your list of five products. Your line can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, just like regular Bingo.

Hi Everyone! Happy iNSD 2018! Every year seems to go quicker and quicker - wasn't it just January and MOC?! I get to host the fun Product Tag game this year, and I was super excited! I think we all might have a slight issue seeing all these products, because so many may end up in our carts or on our wishlists!

The rules are simple, I have a starting product below, and the next person has to post a different product that has something in common with my product. For example, my product has a a flower, so the next product will have a flower, or whatever it is that you wish to tag as a common thread between the product before you and what you post. You could link theme, colors, elements, pattern paper - the options are endless! You have to wait for at least one other person to tag your product before you can play again.

One entry per submission.
One winner will be chosen at random for a $3 gift certificate.
Challenge closes at 11 am EDT on Tuesday, May 8th.

Here is the first product:

I hope you are enjoying iNSD as much as I do!

I love spring and I love how nature changes in this season of the year, from sweet pastels to bright colors.
I challenge you to bring spring into the TLP forum by updating your signature & post the link of your newly created signature in this thread.

One winner will be chosen at random for a $3 gift certificate.
Challenge closes at 11 am EDT on Tuesday, May 8th

Siggy refresher:
- Signatures must be no larger than 600 x 300, but many try to stick to 300 x 150. You can go smaller if you want, just no bigger than the 600 x 300.
- Signatures can be png or jpeg. If you created a transparent background, use a png file.
- Signatures can be linked to your gallery. For the steps on how to slice your signature, see this thread: Creating and Linking Signatures.

If you have any problems, or questions please post and we'll help you out!
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